Organize Your Paper Files

kcpicHello! My name is Karen Clifford. I am the CEO for Genealogy Research Associates, Inc. I have also taught genealogy courses for over thirty years to beginner, intermediate, hobbiest, and professional researchers. Time truly does fly when you enjoy what you do. But when your passion creates clutter and confusion, it isn't fun any longer. Organization, on the other hand, instills clarity and confidence.

Thousands of researchers can find their original documents, research notes, biographies, historical records, images, and other paper files in seconds with this system. I invite you to review this easy-to-use organizational system that is tailor-made to work with the genealogy software program you prefer. It works for people with one family, or someone tracing thousands of individuals at a time. The link below will walk you through the steps to setting individual preferences in free to moderately priced software programs to make your organizational system a reality.

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